Aims and Objectives

In order to achieve this objective to open Imamia Public Schools in different areas of the State and to establish institutions for higher and technical education at different places.

  1. To promote religious and worldly education.
  2. To open libraries and reading rooms at various places of the State.
  3. To provide financial and other aid to poor students for receiving education.
  4. To work for opening hostels at Srinagar  for the students coming from rural areas.
  5. To strive for the education and accommodation of the orphans and for their employment on their attaining majority.
  6. To open Vocational Training Centres for providing training to the deserving persons .
  7. To establish a separate cell which shall pay special attention to provide education to women.
  8. To provide assistance to the deserving and intelligent students to pursue higher education and employment .
  9. To foster cultural , moral and spiritual values.
  10. To work for social welfare.