Imamia Public School Wahabpora


Imamia Public School Wahapora


Trust decided to establish a school at centrally located village Wahabpora in year 1988. It was the amongst the first of score of schools run by the Trust . The Trust knew very well that the task was in no way easy. The odds were very heavy. To persuade reluctant parents to send their children to the school was real herculean task and arranging suitable teachers was another challenge.
The school is recognized/ affiliated and imparts education as per directives of the Board of Secondary Education J&K.

Government Directives in regard to labour laws, Staff welfare are followed in letter and spirit. The teaching faculties are encouraged to improve their academic and professional qualifications Orientation and refresher courses are organized to update the teachers. Participative management is in place. The students do not shy away and take keen interest in debates, symposiums and quiz programmes. It is worthwhile to note that students are prominently   figuring in District and state level competitions and sports activities.
Paucity and quality accommodation has been and is great impediment in achieving the envisaged purpose.

School is having its own L shaped building comprising on 14 rooms, inadequate to cater the requirements for smooth schooling but out of available accommodation 5 rooms of the building  on north side are not in good shape to impart education in conducive atmosphere. Shortage  of quality accommodation has been major impediment to achieve the desired purpose. It has been planned to dismantle the said wing and construct the Additional Block comprising on 10 spacious class rooms 5 each ground and first ( as detailed in enclosed concept plan)to meet the needs of admission seekers essentially required to cater the quality education requirements of the area.
Some key plans and cost abstract are enclosed which will give an idea about the plans for the proposed additional accommodation for the school. The cost involvement along with other items will be of the order of Rs. 45.35 lacs. 

From a rented accommodation the school went on to progress steadily. Initially recognized upto 5th/8th it got upgraded and recognized upto 10th class. It is now adequately taking care of educational needs of entire population by imparting education on modern lines at affordable cost. Those who from the area have risen to prominence and got good placements /jobs because of this school.

The number of the students on rolls at present is 418, 43% are girl students. Prior to the establishment of the School it was a taboo to admit girls to schools even in lower classes. It is real transformation. The sapling planted way back in 1988 is now a mighty tree. It is quite pleasant sight to find young scholars in colorful uniforms thronging to and coming out of the school enthusiastically every day. The area is now humming with educational activity. The number of admission seekers in this School is far more than could be accommodated comfortably. The presence of the school in area has resulted in educational awareness amongst the masses. The School has been achieving steady progress in every field. It shows satisfactory results, education is imparted through english medium and lot of stress is laid on moral and value-based education.