Akhtar Ali Gazi completed his graduation from S.P College Srinagar .Thereafter hecontinued his studies at University of Kashmir and completed his Post Graduation inthe department History, followed by diploma in personnel Management andIndustrial relations .He joined the state services first in the excise and taxationdepartment of the J&K state and then got an appointment in the prestigious medicalinstitution of the state i.e Sheri Kashmir Institute of Medical Science Srinagar in itsgeneral administration department. He has served in the said institution in severaladministrative capacities and retired as chief administrative officer of the institutionin the year 2011.He has been active socially and has been involved in various socio-cultural causes since his college days and as such holds deep interest in the activitiesof the kind. He is involved with Educational Trust Kashmir since 1984 as a memberof its executive functioning at different levels and from 2009 as General Secretary ofthis great organization. He is involved in carrying forward the noble mission of theTrust in accordance with job specification of this position enumerated in the statutesof the Trust.In the latest general elections held in July,2018 he has been elected againas General Secretary of the Educational Trust Kashmir and has been formallydischarging the duties and the responsibilities assigned to this position in theorganization with the best of his ability and potentialities.


Akhtar Ali Gazi

General Secretary