Mohammad Shafi Khan is the President of the Educational Trust Kashmir and has heldthe same post earlier from Oct 2002 to July 2004 and August 2004 to July 2008, gotagain elected in July 2018 . Retired as Principal District and Sessions judge Srinagar,he has been a philanthropist and a social worker right from the time he entered in thestage maturity. He was elected the President of the Anjuman -e- Hyderia Trust Dalgateat a young age and held the post for about 10 years. Born on 01/04/1954, he did hisbasic studies in Kashmir and graduated in year 1974 from Kashmir University beforemoving to Uttar Pradesh for higher education and thus completed his legal studies fromLucknow University from Shia Degree College. After some years of practice in Bar,qualified the prestigious KCS(Judicial) examination and was appointed asMunsiff/Judicial Magistrate/Sub-registrar in January 1987 and served at various placesthereafter being elevated as Principal District and Sessions Judge .During the tenureparticipated in several conferences and seminars across India and abroad on varioussocial/religious/ judicial subjects.

Due to the outstanding performance as a judicial officer with administrative skills, cameto be appointed as Court Vigilance Commissioner LDA. He also has the distinction ofbeing preferred as the arbitrator in various matters by the Bench and the Bar. Also holdsthe position of chairman Elementary Teacher Training Committee framed to inspect theETT colleges of the valley and has also been appointed as researcher for quick disposalof cases by the competent authority. He has been constantly providing guidance throughlectures, seminars and administrative inputs for better development of education systemand student learning skills. He is a guest/adjunct faculty member of University ofKashmir and Central University of Kashmir respectively delivering lectures on almostall the legal subjects, both procedural as well as substantive in nature besidesconducting practical assignments of the law students as also has taken initiatives forbetter administration of imparting education to the poor.